It was originally founded as a Samir Alghzawi organization in 2007 to assist construction projects in Saudi Arabia. The Samir establishment has continued to expand and develop over the years. With its continued success, it has expanded its establishments to become RUK Construction Company. RUK currently employs various talented people and runs many infrastructure projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The “RUK Construction” still continues to its business in Turkey and launching the “RUK-GROUP Turkey” in the company İt has become a meeting point for those who invest in the real estate sector, those who sell / rent real estate, those who are looking for a new home and those who gain professional income from this sector.

Our company has been established for professional domestic real estate consultancy and marketing. Our founding principle is to always prioritize quality and reliable service.

Our company has brought together the experienced names of the sector and a distinguished portfolio for you. We are working to be different in our sector and to provide satisfaction with our technical infrastructure and accurate expertise analysis. In accordance with our working principles, we focus on the right real estate for the right customer, the right price and high satisfaction. We listen to the needs of all our customers and strive to offer the best possible alternative.

As a company, our aim is to bring our country to an advanced level as one of the important representatives of the Real Estate Sector, both in terms of economy and adaptation to the era, with its modern working system and principles. When providing this service, RIGHTEOUSNESS, HONESTY and RELIABILITY are our basic principles.

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