Edirne is an old city where firstly Trak community had settled and then used by the Roman empire as a fortress, and had become the capital city of the Ottoman Empire for almost 100 years. There are many historical, cultural and tourism values including two UNESCO world cultural heritage in the city.

Selimiye Mosque, Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling which is the oldest traditional sport, and Kakava Festival are just some of the cultural values in Edirne. Meric, Tunca, and Arda rivers are the junction of the border of Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and this makes the city outstanding geographically.

Besides the cultural tourism, special interest tourism (bird-watching, agro-tourism, festival tourism etc.) can be promoted and marketed in the national and international area.

The old town is full of historical places and the most beautiful Ottoman mosques, besides these there are lots of shopping opportunities. Finally, it is also very popular with its gorgeous beaches and sea-side.

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